What is Serialization Wizard?

Serialization Wizard is a web-based Strategic Planning and Budgeting tool specifically designed for Pharmaceutical Track & Trace (Serialization) Programs to help companies meet global regulatory requirements cost-effectively. Serialization Wizard leverages years of Industry experience & expertise in Serialization programs to allow companies establish the best program strategy to meet the regulation deadlines.


  • Overall Program Dashboard with performance scores (on speed, cost, resources and service)
  • Complete Program Budget (one-time & recurring at global, site and functional level)
  • Timeline & Roll-out Plans (Site and packaging line level)
  • Resource Plans (internal and external)
  • Regulatory Risk Assessment (probabilities and impact)
  • Capacity & Supply Disruption Analysis
  • Peer Comparison & Industry Benchmarks

Serialization Wizard allows companies to create multiple scenarios (Best-case, Worst-case, Custom scenarios) based on their current baseline and key business needs and decisions, compare the results on a user friendly dashboard and select the best option to get their entire Serialization Program up and running in a matter of 1-2 days.

Serialization Wizard is currently offered as part of a 1-day or 2-day Serialization Strategy Workshops by Supply Chain Wizard with following options:

Custom solutions are possible based on client needs.


1. End-to-end view
Serialization Wizard is created by a cross-functional team of Serialization experts. Serialization Wizard covers all aspect of Serialization Program Management:

2. Ease of Use
Serialization Wizard is easy to setup and run. It provides color coded charts and visuals along with the score comparisons and detailed results for each scenarios for easy comparison

3. Speed and Impact
Serialization Wizard provides the most of the key strategic planning deliverables in 1-2 days vs. months of high cost planning exercises. Companies save significant time, money and resources by leveraging industry experience and benchmarks and learn from experts who led global serialization programs and projects around the world.

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Serialization Wizard Team