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Serialization Wizard is powered by Supply Chain Wizard, LLC.

Supply Chain Wizard, LLC, is a management & technology consulting firm helping Pharmaceutical companies establish and execute cost-effective serialization programs. We are a leading consulting firm in Pharmaceutical Serialization field, providing a complete end-to-end support from strategy to execution and validation.


You need to ensure regulatory compliance with various serialization legislations around the world such as US, EU, Brazil, China, India, Korea...and so on. Not being compliant, or being delayed, may significantly impact your market share, sales, profitability and your long term viability as a company. Your key objectives include:


Serialization (Track & Trace) programs are difficult in nature, and you are facing quite a number of challenges such as:


Our team of expert consultants will partner with your organization to provide complete end-to-end Serialization (Track & Trace) support you need to achieve cost-effective compliance. We will bring world class expertise and support, and access to some of the most experienced Track & Trace consultants in the world.

Please go to each of the below services to see how we can help you successfully complete the serialization project phase by phase.

  • Program Setup & Strategic Planning

    • Risk & Gap Assessment
    • Budgeting & Financial Planning
    • Organization design & Staffing
    • Vendor Selection & Qualification
    • Pilot project plan & Roll-out design

  • Project Management & Execution

    • Project Management Office (PMO)
    • Project Quality Management (PQM)
    • Cost & optimization Synergies
    • Project governance & monitoring
    • Artwork Design & Services

  • Return of Investment & Sustainability

    • Return on Investment (ROI) analysis
    • ROI initiatives & value re-capture
    • Capability building & training
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Playbook design & implementation

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